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Customer Feedback

Robert Williams

I decided to replace the car audio in my F150, and what a decision it was! The new radio is an absolute game-changer. It uses a plug-in installation, which is very convenient. It only took me 2 hours to install and it's great!

James Smith

Seriously, it didn't take much time to install at all. But let me tell you, the coolest thing is that big ol' screen they've got going on – super easy to mess with and damn, does it look impressive. I mean, from how simple it was to slap in to how freaking awesome that screen is, if you've got a Dodge RAM, you're gonna love swapping out your old system for this.

Michael Jones

If you're considering a car radio replacement, don't hesitate! My car feels brand new after the radio replacement. The audio quality is great. The process was smooth, and the results are outstanding!

David Brown

My car's interior got a major upgrade with the new radio. The richness in sound is unparalleled, and the installation was completed without a hitch. Highly recommend!

Michael Pasquarelli

Excellent product, easy to install, Walt was helpful and answered all my questions! 5 stars


I love my Tesla style radio very stylish great sound quality. Love the screen with everything on it . Only con is you need time to setup all the things this unit is able to do . Thank you💯👍🏾

Mandrell Anderson

I received it and I installed it and everything was working but my settings was not right….. so I contacted them and they got back to me fast….. they FaceTime me and help me…. I have to say the are great and I highly recommend….. and they customer service is 100% great

Phillip Kappell

Don’t be afraid of this head unit. It might look intimidating but, it truly is plug and play. I’ve never installed a radio before and it was a breeze. Don’t forget to install the mic as the OEM mic will not work with this unit. Look to YOUTUBE for disassembling your dash. I installed this in a 2017 Ram Express. FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!! It IS tight but will fit.

Ethan Wulfkuhle

I installed myself in a couple hours, most of which time was spent disassembling my 2016 RAM's console and dash. The product is great, no features are lost. Sound is great. Unit looks great and professional and comes highly recommended.

Nathan O.

After lots of research on this and comparable units of this size I decided on the linkswell T style . Install was a breeze.